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Rumors and Speculations about FICA Limits 2012

FICA Limits 2012 -- Probable To Return to 2010 Limits

2011 saw non permanent tax cuts for workers there was a two% reduction of FICA taxes for all personnel. Generally, FICA taxes are collected on 7.65% of earnings. Prior to 2011, the fee has been seven.65% since the 1990s, but with the tax break, the 2011 FICA tax rate for employees was decreased from seven.65% to five.65%.

Origins of FICA

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In 1939, the part of the Social Protection Act that ruled tax collection - Title VIII - was taken out. The tax collection mechanism for Social Protection was moved to the Internal Profits Tax code and named FICA, or Federal Insurance Contributions Act. FICA has since been the legislation beneath which payroll taxes for both Social Protection Benefits and Medicare are collected. It is most frequently referred to basically as the FICA tax.

There are 4 things that FICA taxes contribute to: the federal method of old age, survivors, disability and hospital insurance coverage. Old age, survivors, and disability insurance are all portion of Social Protection although hospital insurance policy is component of Medicare. The FICA tax fee, then, has two components: one particular part is for Social Security and one more for Medicare.

2010 FICA Tax Charges and Social Safety Limits

In 2010, as currently stated, the FICA tax price was a total of 7.65% of the worker's gross cash flow. six.two% of this went to Social Safety and 1.forty five% went to Medicare. The Social Protection tax could be collected on up to $106,800 of cash flow creating the maximum Social Safety contribution $six,621.sixty.

FICA Limits 2011

In 2011, the two% tax break arrived from the portion of the tax that contributes to Social Safety. This reduced the Social Safety price for personnel only from 6.two% to four.2%. The amount of taxable cash flow remained at $106,800 so the highest worker contribution was decreased from $6,621.60 to $4485.sixty.

FICA Limits 2012

Since the two% tax break was for 2011 only, the FICA limits for 2012 are anticipated to return to 7.65% of gross revenue, the very same as they have been in 2010.

Software of FICA Limits 2012

Fred is an employee at your company. His gross revenue is $75,000. What does the 2011 tax break and the most likely return to 2010 price mean to him? At the 5.65% charge, Fred payed $4327.fifty in FICA taxes for the 2011 12 months. In 2012, if the price returns to seven.65%, he will pay $5737.fifty. This signifies he will see a roughly $120 a month reduce in his get house spend.

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