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Dayita Rao Vedic Astrologer reads for 2014
Dayita Rao Vedic Astrologer reads for 2014

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Dayita Rao Vedic Astrologer reads for 2014

Vedic Astrology is derived from the ancient spiritual scrips of India called the Vedas. The beginnings of the Vedas have been lost in time and there is a substantial body of knowledge written and orally handed on through generations. Vedic astrology is based in spiritual practices and yoga practices. The Vedic astrology practices will offer you a detailed view of your life and the future. It is done through careful estimations and diagrams, which have been evolved for hundreds of years. Astrology or Jyotish in Sanskrit, is the study of light, the light in your soul and the light on the planet.

It is what allows you to shine on earth and meet your destiny on this earth. It is all about your work with this earth. Following Jyotish suggestions would aid you to get rid of challenges that are blocking your light being shone on our planet. It helps to offer you complete view of your life on earth and make you decide on your future course on this earth. The exact astrological suggestions would enable you to plan your future life, staying clear of the challenges that would have otherwise halted you in your tracks.

The Vedic astrological practices can work in harmony with Yoga and Ayurveda medicinal methods. There is an old story, which goes "Vedic astrology will suggest to you the direction, Ayurveda would keep you healthy, traveling the road and Yoga would enable you to in fact travel the path". This phrase reveals how very closely Vedic astrology is tied to Ayurveda and Yoga practices.

Vedic astrology will take a great deal of commitment to learn. It should be extensively studied before making any an individual. It would finally enable you to grasp the inter-relatedness of things in a harmonised universe.

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