Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Activate your Brain with Brain Evolution

Activate your Brain with Brain Evolution
As we've said before, the brain does not operate at one brainwave frequency at any given time.

By using an EEG unit to detect the minute electrical signals the brain generates, we can witness the effect of an environment or stimulus on the brain itself.

The image below shows the brainwaves of an individual suffering from a stressful environment, prior to using the the Brain Evolution System for the first time:

This brainwave sample was taken right after the subject's brain was exposed to high pressure problem solving. During this test the subject was visibly agitated and inefficient.

Notice the high peaks (amplitude) of the brainwaves, in the 3D rendering above left. Also, take notice of the accompanying high BETA brainwaves in the overhead peak indicator view, above right.

After 5 Minutes

This next image shows the same individual experiencing the first 5 minutes of BrainEv usage. Notice the significant decrease of amplitude in the brainwaves. During this period, the user reported feelings of refreshment and focus.

After 12 Minutes

A mere 12 minutes into the program and the listener descends toward low Alpha and Theta frequencies. During this period the user reported feelings of deep tranquillity and full body relaxation.

After 15 Minutes

The next EEG reading shows brainwaves 15 minutes into the program. You can see significant evidence of brainwave entrainment, as the brainwaves reach a consistent average of low Alpha and Theta frequencies.

As the session completed, the listener reported a state of "absolute peace," which accompanied a profound connection to visual information and ideas.

15 Minute Comparison

Compare these brainwave to the agitated and violent EEG patterns from the beginning brainwave sample and the results are dramatic - all within just 15 minutes.


If such profound results are possible after the first 15 minutes of use, think of what you'll experience throughout the entire brainwave entrainment course!

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