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Vital Cellular Nutrition : Cellfood
Vital Cellular Nutrition : Cellfood
Dr. Otto Warburg renowned bio-chemist and 1931 nobel prize laureate has demonstrated that cancer cells can not expand in a large oxygen surroundings. Of all the factors that help existence ,oxygen is the most considerable. All capabilities of our entire body are regulated by oxygen. Oxygen energises cells so they can regenerate. Our bodies use oxygen to metabolize foods and to eradicate poisons and waste by means of oxidation. Our brain wants oxygen each and every next to method details .Our organs want oxygen to operate proficiently. In quick oxygen offers existence and vitality to each and every dwelling cell.

Harmful anxiety, emotional anxiety, actual physical trauma and infections all draw upon and deplete the body’s oxygen offer, and a deficiency of oxygen final results in sickness, inadequate vitality, inadequate stamina, exhaustion and a basic weak disposition. We can search at oxygen deficiency as the one biggest result in of condition.

In 1997 this great anti ageing dietary supplement, CELLFOOD was unanimously voted by the Inventors Club of The usa to get the 1997 Superior Engineering Award introduced by the Global Hall of Fame in Atlanta GA.
CELLFOOD acquired this award since
(1) it’s special capacity to generate the two nascent oxygen and hydrogenised the entire body, resulting in simultaneous cleansing and creating of entire body cells and tissues and
(2) its special capacity to sustain 78 minerals in liquid colloidal suspension.

CELLFOOD is a very concentrated super energised proprietary formulation made up of 78 ionic colloidal trace factors and minerals (34 from fossilized crops taken from virgin earth and 44 from the clear southern seas bordering New Zealand, unrefined and nevertheless made up of trace factors!) blended with 34 enzymes,17 amino acids, dissolved oxygen all suspended in a remedy of Deuterium Sulfate.The vitamins and minerals in CELLFOOD are the two ions and colloidal in kind.

Colloidal particles are minute(4-7 nanometres in diameter)and they get on a damaging (ionic) demand and continue to be suspended in a liquid. Since most entire body fluids are colloidal and negatively charged the entire body perceives Cellfood as typical healthful entire body fluid ,and permits the vitamins and minerals in CELLFOOD to go right away by means of the sensitive membranes of the mouth throat and oesophagus immediately into the blood stream.

Electrolytes help the healthful electrical integrity of the body’s organic colloidal techniques which includes the blood alone. They import a damaging demand to the purple blood cells separating them to restore their highest operating.
Cellfood operates at the actual physical stage by offering the entire body with crucial minerals, it operates at the electrical and electro magnetic amounts by escalating the vibrational frequencies of all the body’s organs boosting the immune program, and enabling the nervous program to operate a lot more efficiently. It operates at the biological stage by boosting organic biological processes, for illustration digestive and metabolic processes in the entire body. And it operates on the chemical stage by giving amino acids to the entire body for creating protein. And Cellfood вЂ˜s capacity to offer oxygen and vitamins and minerals to the brain supports emotional and psychological wellbeing! Cellfood is a single of the greatest organic wellness items for all round wellness and wellbeing.

Cellfood is one of the greatest supplements for anti aging , oxygen therapy ,energy and optimum health!

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