Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Master Detox

Master Detox
Combining ancient wisdom and modern technology, MASTER DETOX brings opportunity to the whole body on a cellular level.

What is Humic and Fulvic Acids?

Humic and Fulvic seem to be the "missing link" to a long and healthy life. They seem to be responsible for so many aspects of the human being's well being.Humic substances are the link between the living and the non living in nature.. They were chosen by Mother Nature to bridge this gap. Maybe because Fulvic Acid is the smallest, most complex, most highly refine, naturally occurring, water soluble substance on Earth.
When proper amounts of Humic substances are dissolved in water, the water takes on a new form becoming molecularly structured . Humic Acids cause water to form pyramid shaped molecules (tetrahedrons) that possess valuable proven medicinal properties. Fulvic acid also remarkably transforms the molecular structure of water causing it to become intensely more active and penetrable.
It assists water in its job of dissolving and transporting. Consequently, it helps carry nutrients into the cells and remove wastes from them, while also helping to neutralise toxins, invaders and heavy metals.
It is believed that all homeopathic remedies should contain Fulvic Acid to enhance their actions.
Amazingly scientists have discovered that Fulvic Acid is nothing less than tiny fragments of DNA from past generations of living organisms. In other words Fulvic Acid is the “milk” from Mother Nature meant for giving life, energy ,health and renewal to Earth and all its life forms.This “milk” is an important discovery in the history of health and medicine.
Fulvic Acids not only boosts immunity but also regulates the immune system and stimulates the thymus glands to produce lympyocytes.
It also activates the production of macrophages and killer T cells, stimulates granulocytes, the production of cytokines, including interferon-gamma, alpha beta and tumour necrosis factor-Act One.
It is unparalleled in its ability to act as a natural modulator. Fulvic Acid has an exhaustive list of benefits , a few of which are mentioned here--anaemia, arthritis, asthma, cancer ,free radical scavenger, supplies electrolytes, increases assimilation, enhances water properties, stimulates metabolism, raises the uptake of minerals and vitamins, reduces High Blood Pressure, chelates metals and pollutants, chelates trace elements, making them organic, increases energy and helps in numerous diseases!
Humic and Fulvic Acid can be used externally to treat open wounds and skin ulcers, heals burns and prevent scarring, eliminates skin decolouration due to skin bruises, acts as an anti microbial product and fungicide, treats rashes and skin irritations, helps heal cuts and abbrations, heals insect and spider bites, helps neutralize poison from poison ivy and poison oak.
Master Detox is an extraordinary proprietary formula featuring Humic and Fulvic Acid. The processing and specific balance of ingredients gives support to the natural healing process of the body. The unique nanotechnology used in Master Detox can really penetrate cells to perform innumerable functions and is a powerful antioxidant. It energises, oxidises and chelates. It is considered to be the missing link to optimum health, Combining ancient wisdom and modern technology, MASTER DETOX brings opportunity to the whole body on a cellular level.

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