Monday, June 24, 2013

Oxygen Remedies
Oxygen Remedies
Oxygen Therapy

In helping a patient to recover from any form of

n using

oxygen has become very

accepted and

sometimes needed. This is a

situation in which oxygen is

given to the body.

can also be processes that

the human physique’s capacity to

utilyse oxygen
or instillthe taking in of oxygen. So many of these treatments are

unaffordableand and
need to be given by a

qualified medic:

Oxygen in a Bottle_ very often given as an

breathing treatment for
very severe bronchial and
respiratory situations

Ozone Therapy— usually is given

rectally or intra¬venously, at first
utilized to

oxygenation of bloodcirculation,proper


immunity, and to illuminate

bacteria, viruses and fungi;

ozone oxygen is very

dangerous and can be

poisonous if it is

not given in a

proper manner
Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) Remedy-

Hydrogen peroxide is
made in

the bloodstream to
assist in controlling
viruses, yeast, fungi, and

other invading enemies The

taking inof H2O2

is controversial because it can

start a very bad

response in the digestive

system over too much
set in motion an

pH, and may create

dangerousfree radicals,- this
treatment should be
used only under the

guidance of

qualified health care

Proper Breathing

Exercises-- considered to
enhance lung

space, which

gives even more

oxygen to theblood. A lot of peoplebreathe poorly and so programmessuch as yoga

and other classes on deep breathingcan

be very useful

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment—


taking in oxygenin a

pressurized room; this


tissues and cells with

oxygen, and was was at first

made to heal
divers and aviators

for decompression illnesses and air

Many cures
and products tend tosaturatethe
body with oxy¬gen, very often causing unsafe oxygen
free radicals, and can result in oxidative damageto biologic systems, according to

Professors Ghatak
and Chandra (Complementary Medicine, P. 13,
Vol. 4, No. 1, 1998).

Cellfood Dietary Supplement— Taking Cellfood dailyis the most inexpensive
and effective form of supplying the body with its
daily oxygen. It is

guaranteed not to produce any free radicals actually it makes them convert to more
reliable oxygen

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