Friday, May 17, 2013

Child support calculator
Child support calculator
Child support calculator is used under the current child support guidelines that became effective as of 2007, both parents' gross incomes are used to calculate the amount of support. Prior to the "new" guidelines, only the non-custodial parent's income was used to determine the amount of support payable to the custodial parent. Under the "old" guidelines, the non-custodial parent paid a percentage of his/her net income with the percentage based on the number of children eligible for support. Not only do the "new" guidelines use gross income instead of net income but both parents' incomes are considered.

The basic amount payable by the child support obligor is determined by multiplying the obligor's percentage of the total gross income of both parties by the level implicated by the child support guideline table mentioned above. If the obligor's percentage of overnight parenting time is more than 10%, then basic support is reduced by 12%. This is referred to as the "Parenting Expense Adjustment". If parents share overnight parenting time on an approximately equal basis, basic child support may not be payable from one party to the other or, at least, would be greatly reduced.

The other components of child support include medical and daycare support. Contribution for these expenses is based upon each parents' percentage of the total gross monthly income of both parents.

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