Friday, May 17, 2013

Emotional Infidelity - Trust and Your Bond Shattered
Emotional Infidelity - Trust and Your Bond Shattered
Emotional cheating is your spouse being emotionally unfaithful to you. Although physical intimacy is not involved, this kind of affair can be just as devastating as a sexual affair. This type of cheating cannot be spotted the same way as traditional cheating so it makes it
more difficult to discover. Most of the time, the moment you find out about it, it has already developed into something very serious or a real affair with physical intimacy.

Emotional cheating can be stronger than a real affair because you can rule out the “it’s just physical” reason. An emotional affair is more about sharing and loving that can develop into an intimacy reserved for you, their spouse. It is not just a physical thing but a more serious, deeper connection, and that can be more painful to take.

Surviving an Emotional Affair

Your husband or wife did not intend to be emotionally unfaithful to you. As a rule , it just starts out as a plain and platonic friendship between two people, many times co-workers. When they start to spend more time together and get to know each other well, an attraction develops. They begin to share
their problems, joys, as well as their dreams to each other. They become closer and develop an
emotional bond.

The problem with this kind of affair is that it is hard for you to confront your partner about it because they can simply say “we are just friends.” Since they do not have a physical intimacy or something concrete you can use as proof, it can make you look like
the bad guy, paranoid and suspicious.

So how can an emotional affair make you feel worse than a sexual one? For one, your stress and anxiety over discovering your spouse is
having an emotional affair can turn into
paranoia as you wonder if and when the sexual affair will begin. This constant fear of your spouse crossing the physical line can be more damaging than if they had already cheated! At least if they have had sex, you know it has happened, and you can move on from there whichever way you choose.If you think your partner is emotionally cheating on you, spend time with him or her. Try to discuss your relationship and make them understand that you feel like you are losing YOUR special intimacy with them, and why. If something is really going on, then you will see it by his or her reactions. Little things like not looking into your eyes or looking uneasy during the conversation can be proof enough that you are right. If your partner has broken your trust, you must decide whether or not saving your marriage is worth it.

An emotional affair is not be taken lightly. Emotional cheating crosses the line when he or she shares the intimacy reserved for you. You have earned this right through your special bond of marriage. Its effects are just as damaging to you as a sexual infidelity. Surviving an emotional infidelity is very possible as
long as both of you admit to your feelings and create a joint decision to rebuild your intimacy. Never underestimate the seriousness of an emotional affair!

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