Friday, May 17, 2013

Having An Affair During A Loveless Relationship
Having An Affair During A Loveless Relationship
What takes place when you are not in love with your

partner as you originally thought ? What if he or she

simply are not what you're looking for? By now

you may already be in a long standing relationship with that person.

I bet you in all probability still love them and do

not want to hurt them. This is how many secret affairs happen. You need more but you still want your lover, so you stray off monogamy and go find someone else to try and satisfy your urges.

I'm sure you did not mean to harm your him or

her. Alas that is not the point.

Whether you intended to or not, you did indeed cause he or she

devastation and emotional pain that comes from betrayal.

If you discover yourself not as infatuated as before, do not remain out of

guilt. unfortunately, many people make this mistake . They learn that they are not really in love with the person, but by then it is too late and they try to have a

secret affair.

So if you determine that you simply are not in love

with your partner anymore , be truthful with your feelings and let

them know that the relationship is over. Do it as gently as

you can, but do not allow yourself to

continue in the relationship out of fear of causing harm

to them.

No matter what the justification for an affair,

always remember that it is about the single

most hurtful action you can ever perpetuate in a relationship. If you love your

partner, or even just respect them, please limit their pain ; just

go away. Let your lover go and start a new life. It will be

better for both of you.

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