Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hematite pendulum is on sale
Hematite pendulum is on sale
HEMATITE - boosts focus, concentration, will-power, integrity, courage, confidence, optimism, trust, balance and stability. It is a relaxing stone that aids with high blood pressure, muscle cramping, nervous ailments and insomnia. It transforms negativity.
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<img border="0" src="" align="left" hspace="8" width="122" height="251" alt="dowsing"></a>Hematite possesses extraordinary grounding abilities. Helps you be at ease and keep stress at bay. Also a protective stone.

You can use this pendulum in a passive means - just wear it! You will develop a field of protection around your body that will get to work changing stagnant, dark, inharmonious energy into lively, healing energy.

Wearing it while driving will improve your bio-response - you will be more alert and less vulnerable to drowsiness and fatigue.

The High Energy Pendulum generates all Radiesthetic colors including gold, except the negative green.

To use it in an active mode - hold it like you hold a regular pendulum. You will find that it helps adjusting chakras and working with human or animal aura, send healing vibration with ease, get in touch with the higher realms virtually instantaneously.

You could find your answers more consistent, increase in your dowsing reliability and ability to get to the bottom of the trouble and find a solution much easier and much faster.

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