Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My favorite puma sneakers
My favorite puma sneakers
PUMA is the global sports brand name that successfully fuses impacts from sport, lifestyle and fashion. PUMA's special industry point of view provides the unexpected in sport-lifestyle shoes, clothing and add-ons, with technical development and revolutionary design.

"I'm using these shoes for extremely brief runs and walking. I tried these Pumas at a mall initially and felt snug and tight around my foot. Gave me a good sensation generally, so chose to purchase them.

The shoes feel fantastic, more cushiony on the heel location and not a lot in the mid-foot location, however overall they offer extremely cushioned ride that ought to pay dividends for heavier runners (185 lbs - 220 pounds neighborhood). Very little arc support. The toe location feels perfect, and the heel-to-toe activity feels fantastic, so if you're a fore-foot strike runner, you'll like how the shoe feels. I also happen to like that the tongue is sewn in and not moving around.

They appear like they keep consistent temperature level, so it's a plus for winter season, not so sure if it's a plus in summer though.

Good color choices (got the black/dark shadow) and can be definitely used with denims.

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